Document sparks controversies on CIA black sites

The White House denies the rumors regarding the executive project.

The program is revising the interrogation methods used on suspects accused of terrorism.

The Trump Administration mentions the possibility of re-opening the CIA secret prisons from other countries.

A group of journalists recovers a copy of the agreement, hours before the official announcement.

“We are not talking about a document issued by the White House”

“We have no idea where this came from”

“But, I can say this is not a document from the White House”, added spokesman Sean Spicer.

The controversial paper urges the security field to “recommend the president to re-initiate the program of interrogation of foreign terrorists”.

Also, the document highlights the program must include the detention bases operated by CIA.

The document is raising awareness the American laws must be respected at all times and does not encourage human torture.

John  McCain reacts immediately

The American senator says he will do anything in his power to stop the reinforcement of these cruel technics of interrogation.

McCain is a survivor of some though technics of human torture.

The politician was held as a hostage in Northern Vietnam for five years.

The President of the Military Services of the Senate mentions in an official press release the president might sign any document he wants but “the law is the law”.

Apparently, the paper was first addressed to President Obama in 2009 and reinstates a 2007 order issued by President George W. Bush