Italian avalanche: All dead bodies captured under the snow were recovered

The rescuing teams have managed to recover all the dead bodies of the ones that went missing after the white tragedy that hit Italy.

The official report stated that the avalanche has caused the death of 29 people.

The latest news was issued by the firefighter’s department on Thursday morning and transmitted by DPA.

A mass of 120,000 tons of snow collapsed from the mountain

On January 18th, an unimaginable quantity of snow violently stroke the four-star hotel Rigopiano, with a speed of approximately 100 kilometers per hour.

So, the avalanche followed after a few major seismic activities that have rocked the same region. The earthquakes have registered a magnitude of over 5 on the Richter scale.

Consequently, 11 individuals managed somehow to survive the tragedy and found their way out the wreckage and snow. Among them, there were four children.

Also, the Italian authorities have started an investigation into allegations of negligence and attempted murder in connection with the deaths that produced in the hotel.

Furthermore, the leading investigators are examining the reason for which the emergency calls that came from the hotel were underestimated.

Also, they are trying their best to find out why the arrival of a powered snow plow was delayed so much after the occurrence of the avalanche.

The truth is about to see the light

The Prime-Minister Paolo Gentiloni has warned against the attempt of finding a scapegoat.

The prosecutors will find out how the hotel received an authorization of expanding.

Formerly, in 1970, a mountain chalet, situated up to 1,200 meters in the Alps had been extended and turned into Rigopiano hotel.