Shia LeBeouf

Shia LeBeouf needs help

A group of police officers from New York arrested the ‘Transfomers’ star during the massive protests from NYC.

According to witnesses, the actor was detained after he got into a ruffle with a group of protesters.

The actor was in the middle of his live broadcasting, entitled “He will not divide us” when a man interrupted the transmission.

Apparently, the protester stood in front of the recording device and said something about President Donald Trump.

Although the message was clearly for the American state leader, Shia got really upset and was about to hit him.

The moment in which Shia LeBeouf is being handcuffed and taken by the police was caught on camera.

During his arrest, the man who caused the entire misunderstanding was laughing with his friends.

“Shia took a hit for us. There were all these Nazis here, he came out and tried to protect us.”, stated one of the witnesses.

The incident took place yesterday and Shia will probably be accused of assault.

According to TMZ, Shia saddened the man and grabbed his clothes.

The “He will not divide us” movement was founded by the actor and welcomes every single person who doesn’t agree with Trump’s policies.

He plans to run the society for the next four years until the billionaire will finish his term.

In the last few months, the troubled actor was involved in numerous scandals.

Most of them were linked to his girlfriend.

A while ago, he declared that ‘he was ready to murder her’.