London obtains derogation from Donald Trump

Donald Trump has defended on Wednesday his measure of ‘freezing’ the entrance of immigrants coming from some Muslim countries.

We shall act now that the world is a total mess, said Trump, according to AFP.

Trump’s statement was not an interdiction against Muslims, but against terrorism, as he mentioned in an interview with ABC.

‘I don’t want terrorism in this country’, he added, refusing to name the list of the countries that may suffer after introducing the interdiction.

Also, the President reminded his audience that Europe has made a terrible mistake by authorizing millions of persons crossing their borders.

So, the new American presidency issued a decree entitled ‘Protecting the nation against terrorist attacks committed by foreigners’ and is preparing the country of suspending the acceptance of any new immigrants for a month.

When he was asked whether he thinks his decision will create even more rage, Trump replied: ‘How could it be more? The world is already filled with absolute wrath’.

President Trump intends to diminish the number of US refugees during 2017.

Contrary, Barack Obama administration proposed that America should receive over 100,000 immigrants this year. On the other hand, Trump decided to halve this number and open US’ borders for only 50,000 refugees.

‘The world is a mess. The world is angry. We shouldn’t have gone to Irak. We shouldn’t have withdrawn the way we did’, Trump mentioned.

The great wall of US

Furthermore, one of Trump’s first measures was authorizing the building of the wall that will separate Mexico from the US.

Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, has condemned Trump’s decision, arguing that his country does not believe in walls.