A Turkish artist claims he is the biological father of Adele

Mehmet Asar is willing to do the DNA test at every hour of the day in order to demonstrate his theory.

The man is 52-years-old and he is originally from Bodrum.

Apparently, Mehmet Asar lived a beautiful romance with Adele’s mother Penny Adkins in 1987.

Adele’s mother was vacationing in the touristic resort and he was working as a cab driver when the two met.

“We visited Bodrum and Pamukkale with Penny Adkins and her friends for two weeks.”

“We liked each other very much and we were together for two weeks”

“She prolonged her vacation and returned to England a month later”

“She returned to Bodrum twice and stood for a month”, confesses the Turkish artist.

Mehmet suggested Penny to remain in Turkey to live with him, but Adele’s mother refused.

The two kept in touch for a while, before her permanent return in UK.

“When I researched her family, I was shocked to know her mother is the same woman I had a relationship with years ago.”

“The woman that I loved is Adele’s mother; she hasn’t changed a bit”, says Mehmet.

Asar analyzed Adele’s gestures and attitude and he is convinced.

“When I watched her moves, the way she raises her hand during concerts, I noticed she is just like me.”

“This might be something genetically”, confessed Asar.

However, Adele who was born in 1988, declared in 2015 she has Turkish and Spanish roots.

“She can come here to spend some time”, tells the man.