Angelina and Brad – exclusive documentary

A British journalist with detective skills promised to leak some juicy details regarding the break-up of the year.

According to Ian Halperin, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt alienated from each other a year before the announcement of the divorce.

Although she filed for divorce in September, the reporter from The Sun claims he is aware of many secrets regarding Hollywood’s former golden couple.

He promises to disclose all these mysteries in his exclusive documentary and the biggest shock will be the reason behind their breakup.

The experts in Hollywood mysteries believe this is the last thing Angelina and Brad need.

Considering the two go through one of the most delicate periods ever, this documentary will piss some people off.

The two have six children together. Angelina has full custody on the siblings, while her estranged husband Brad pays frequent supervised visits.

According to some inside sources, Brad is keen on the idea of resuming the relation with his former wife.

He is willing to do all these for his kids and he suffers a lot because he can’t see them more often.

Angelina publicly accused him of some mistakes.

The authorities labeled the actor as the ‘bad guy’ in this entire scandal.

The marriage of the famous couple fell apart two years after their wedding.

The actress and Brad dated for 12 years since they met on the movie set.

Due to the fact they kept their relation far from the public eye, this controversial documentary represents a long-awaited event.