A heavily drugged Mischa Barton terrifies her neighbors

Fourteen years ago she was the idol of every single teenager thanks to her role from hit TV series “The O.C”.

Now, she is not even a shadow of the Mischa Barton from that time.

Yesterday, the 31-year-old actress was submitted in a mental facility.

Her neighbors dialed ‘911’ when they noticed the former actress was almost naked.

Besides the fact she had almost no clothes on, Mischa climbed on her fence while she was screaming for help.

Shortly after they called the authorities, Mischa was taken into custody from her West Hollywood mansion.

According to witnesses, the retired actress screamed her mother, who managed her for 15 years, is a bad witch, who wants to hurt her.

She was also babbling about the end of the world and other nonsenses

Fortunately, Mischa surrendered herself to the officers and, voluntarily, went to a mental facility.

The institution located in her neighborhood concluded she was under the influence of some drugs.

Apparently, the blonde is an addict for years and this is also the reason behind her ruined career.

However, this is not the first the British actress is being hospitalized in a mental clinic.

In 2009, she refused to take her medication and generated a massive scandal with a nurse.

Two years before, the former ‘teen idol’ was arrested because she was drugged and driving.

Although she tried several times to get back on track she failed due to her terrible addiction.

The most recent pictures with Mischa showcase an anorexic, unhealthy and fatigued person.