Prince Harry and the ‘Suits’ actress are dating since May, last year

Although rumors regarding a tensioned relation between the members of the Royal House and Meghan circulate around, things are pretty serious between the ginger and the brunette.

According to the British press, the one who babbles about Meghan’s future plans is no other than her co-star.

Patrick J. Adams said during a recent interview the beautiful brunette will become “England’s future princess”.

On Wednesday night, the Canadian actor talked with his fans on Reddit.

At one point, a netizen asks him “how do you feel when you know you are kissing the future princess of England”.

The star gave the simplest answer: anything has changed and he feels the same

However, Patrick never denied that Meghan has serious plans with the redhead of the Royal Family. they are already engaged.

Apparently, they are already engaged

The rumors regarding a potential engagement appeared after the New Year’s Eve, when Harry traveled to US to meet Meghan’s father, Thomas.

In addition, the prince already presented Meghan to the entire Royal Family, to let them know their relationship is serious.

The duchess of Cambridge declared she is happy for Harry. Specially, because he finally found a serious girl.

Harry and Meghan met in May, in Toronto.

The prince traveled to Canada to promote the ‘Invictus Games’.

The pair confirmed their relationship in November.

Since then, Meghan is traveling back and forward from London to Toronto to spend time with her fiancée.

The couple is extremely discreet and they were seen in public only twice since the confirmation of their relationship.