Trump is dissatisfied with his Investiture Ceremony: he requested further information

The newest US president, Donald Trump, has personally asked Michael Reynolds to present him several photos of the crowd gathered in front of the Capitol on the day of his investiture.

Apparently, he was hoping that the images could prove the media lied when they told that the participation at his ceremony was the lowest ever registered.

Reynolds, the one in charge of the National Park Service, was contacted on Saturday, after the inauguration, by a White House representative.

The man gave him a phone number.

‘Hold on please, you’ll be connected to the President’

So, when he called he was told to wait to speak to the President of the US.

During this conversation, Trump expressed his anger regarding a message transmitted by the agency in charge of managing the lawn of the Capitol.

Supposedly, on the agency’s Twitter account, have appeared several photos where everybody could see that Trump’s investiture was attended by fewer people than that of Barack Obama in 2009.

However, for Trump, who perceives himself and his achievements in superlative terms, the size of the crowd coming to his inauguration became a source of discontent.

Furthermore, he seemed quite affected by his failure of gathering more people on the Inauguration Day.

So, Trump decided to devote his first morning as a President to throw his frustration over an interim director.

The news was quickly spread into the park’s administration and then in whole Washington.

The telephone conversation between the two remained under conditions of anonymity, given its sensitive character. Reynolds and his agency declined to comment.

‘The National Park Service will not comment on any internal discussions of its officials’, said a spokesman of NPS.