The unseen danger in your house: how can excess humidity make you sick?

High humidity in your home may have negative effects on your health.

However, we are not paying close attention to it.

Excessive humidity may contribute to the occurrence of respiratory diseases, especially in children and the elderly who do not have a strong immune system.

Condensation, mildew and dust mites are the main consequences of moist air.

So, these factors are responsible for the emergence or worsening of most health issues.

Find out what are the diseases you are exposed to in a humid environment.

Often, people suffering from chronic respiratory infections go to the doctor to receive adjuvant treatment.

But, without knowing it, the enemy lays inside their house!

A normal humidity level in the house plays an important role in improving the symptoms of respiratory issues.

For example, several studies have shown that high humidity is creating a perfect environment for dust mites and fungi, the main risk factors in allergies.

Also, your sleep quality may have to suffer due to the high humidity in the home.

Perspiration helps to cool the body temperature by evaporating it on the skin surface.

But, when the air is already saturated with water vapors, this natural process is prevented.

So instead of cooling your body, the perspiration remains on the surface of your body and will make you even warmer. This creates a great discomfort during the night, disturbing your sleep.

Overheating the body and inadequate fluid intake can lead to dehydration, which is manifested by dizziness and vomiting, dry mouth, dark urine and muscle weakness.

For this reason, it is advisable to keep a bottle of water next to the bed during the night and hydrate properly in case you get thirsty.

Also, excessive humidity encourages mold growth.

A long-term exposure can increase the unpleasant respiratory symptoms, while favoring the emergence of other problems.

Gastrointestinal disturbances, skin irritations, weakening the immune system diseases bleeding and genitourinary system may appear due to humidity.