The GQ magazine created the funniest clip

The American publication launched this video footage featuring Donald Trump as the main and… only character.

This should not be a surprise considering President Trump is the world’s juiciest joke subject.

The popular magazine believes that if he can’t act as president, at least he should start dressing as one.

His signature hairstyle was not by-passed by the critic’s eye either.

According to GQ, the president is wearing way too loose suits and tuxedos and the sleeves from his shirts are too long.

In addition, his ties are too thick and he should experiment other colors than red when it comes to this accessory.

When it comes to his precious hair, although he believes he looks awesome with that hairstyle, the experts don’t share the same opinion.

According to stylists, Donald Trump should consider some other options because the tone and the style of his hair are making him look way older.

“If Trump can’t act like a president at least he could dress as one”, writes GQ.

I guess that saying that sounds some like:”Money can’t buy you style” is 100% truth and the most eloquent example is the world’s most powerful men.

Although his wife is the embodiment of style and high-fashion, Donald Trump simply refuses to progress from the 90’s.

His black suit and his red tie were his literal uniform during the presidential race.

And, of course, we can’t forget the ‘Make America great again’ red cap.