Reports coming from Iran say that Apple removed all the apps that were created by Iranians.

Techrasa, an Iranian site, reports that Apple removed an app coming from the biggest e-commerce service in country, Digikala.

The first App store was made available in Iran last year, in September. But the store isn’t actually a physical one.

To be able to get into Cupertino’s store, many apps from the country had to register in different places.

Digikala used a private payment system. Not only this, but few banks from Iran have apps in the Apple system.

According to data, there are over 40 million phones in Iran. More than six million of them are iPhones.

Another report shows that about 100,000 Apple phones are smuggled in Iran each month. The sales market is pretty large and Apple would definitely beneficiate from this market if it ever decides to involve in it.

According to the site, Apple sent a letter in which it explains why it can’t close a deal with the country. The businesses that are located in Iran can’t work with Apple.

The Iranian Transactions Sanctions Regulations is also mentioned, as it isn’t allowing Apple to interfere.

They end by saying that the deals would be closed when the international trade relations will allow them.

This might be an extension of the immigration ban. Iran is amongst the seven countries that are on the immigration ban list.

Apple didn’t respond to these claims until now. The site urged them to and is now waiting for a response.