Chinese researchers created a microwave weapon that could ruin any electronic circuit

After more than six years of massive research, a microwave weapon has been created.

This achievement belongs to the Nuclear Department Technology in China.

A researchers’ team has been working so hard on this weapon, that it managed to win the prize for Technology Progress.

This weapon is portable, so it can be kept on a usual desk.

In other words, the weapon is sufficiently small to be implemented in various ways, but strong enough to destroy any electronic circuit used by the enemy.

Generally speaking, a microwave gun has the capacity of destroying any electronic circuit, including the ones protected against EMP weapons, with electromagnetic variations.

However, the newest weapon is highly efficient, so it can attack a specific target with frequences from 300 to 30,000 MHz.

Such an amount of energy may interfere and supra solicit the electronic systems, causing a total collapse of the circuit.

The more powerful the energy produced by the system, the greater the damage. It may even include physical damage.

Certainly, China can find lots of ways to use this weapon.

So, the weapon can be used for defensive purposes, becoming part of the electronic traps designed for the enemy.

Also, it may have the ability to disable the enemy’s tanks and robots. Regarding the short-range attacks, it could be attached to vehicles, boats and even airplanes.

The weapon would have the capacity to shut down missiles, unmanned aircraft and even the personal devices of the enemy.

Despite the true potential of this weapon is meant for defensive purposes, it appears, however, quite offensive.

This microwave weapon could be carried by missiles or drones. It could disable any defense strategy, such as air defense systems, anti-ship systems or other communications and control systems.