France: The Socialists made their choice, the Right prepares its counteroffensive

The supporter of the left policy, Benoît Hamon, became the Socialist candidate for the Presidency of France.

He defeated the former Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, during the primary elections of the left groupings.

‘This evening, the left has his head up high, looking at a brighter future. We want to win. We need a modern and innovative left, who sees things as they are, not as they were’, stated Hamon after proclaiming his victory.

Hamon’s first step as a candidate was making a call to the ecologists and the radical left to ‘ensure the premises of a coherent and durable majority’ against the extreme right enemies.

At his 49 years, Hamon managed to surpass his more experienced opponents.

Even being nicknamed the little Benoît, as in less experienced, Hamon knew how to convince his electorate and turned them into believing a brighter future lies ahead France.

However, Hamon raised widespread criticism, being accused of selling empty dreams to the nation.

With a proper attitude, serious but relaxed, Hamon refused to be looked at as a providential man.

But, he assumed without showing any sign of hesitation his status as ‘the candidate of the utopia’.

Hamon managed to defeat the former Prime Manuel Valls, who came out second in the first round of the election campaign.

Hamon has spent most time of his childhood growing up in Senegal. He became a known figure in France as he took over the minister mandate in 2012.

Later in 2014, Hamon resigned because he did not agree with the terms of the executives and their economic orientation, considered by Hamon as being ‘too liberal’.