A brewery from Virginia announced that is going to serve beer that tastes like Oreo. This news will definitely make fans of the biscuits very happy.

The brewery is called “The Veil Brewing Company”. The beer is bottled in purple cans.

They gave the news a time ago on their Instagram account.

The release date was January 24. The beverage tastes like chocolate milk with lots of Oreos and with beer, of course.

Although it seemed kind of weird and impossible, the beer sold out in no time at all. Everyone’s favorite cookie definitely made the trick.

Since it sold out so fast, the company is getting tons of requests.

The company is known for its fun combinations.

 Other firms have combined beer with desserts before. For example, Ben & Jerry, the eponymous ice cream brand, launched a beer that tasted like chocolate chip cookies.

It also had once a beverage that tasted like brownies with caramel.

General Mills is another brand that mixed the two ingredients. It once had beer with chocolate.

Oreos are ones of the most popular biscuits. The firm itself has tons of flavors that suit every occasion and taste. People are going nuts about them, after all it is “milk’s favorite cookie”.

People are adding Oreos to basically everything, from ice cream, to pie crusts and many others. So, mixing it with beer is not such a big surprise.

After the Oreo flavored beer was launched, many tried to make their own boozy biscuits.

Everybody loved it. “This beer is nuts in the best possible way,” wrote one user on social media.