Drake is obsessed with his new girl

The Canadian rapper wants to prove his love by all costs.

According to Hollywood Life, Drake and Jennifer Lopez decided to take things to a whole another level.

The “Hotline Bling” singer will remove the tattoo he got for Rihanna to replace it with a new one.

And, guess what? The new mark will include Jennifer’s name

“[Drake] wants to end every speculation, every worry, every doubt that [Jennifer Lopez] has about him creeping on her”, confessed a source close to the couple.

“And he’s willing to permanently show it to her by covering the shark tattoo he got with Rihanna and replacing it with JLo’s name!”

Drake and Rihanna got the “shark” matching tattoos after the cutest date ever.

According to some inside sources, Drake took the Barbadian beauty to the aquarium to see the sharks.

The matching tattoos symbolized that special day but now Drake wants to remove it.

We all know that getting a tattoo with your partner’s name or matching marks is not the best decision but these celebrities don’t learn!

“He’s serious about JLo”, added the friend

Apparently, the rapper is crazy about his new girl and he is not letting her go too soon.

Meanwhile, Riri is still sporting the “shark tattoo” and she also unfollowed the new couple on Instagram.

Rihanna believes their relationship is a “scamp” and Jennifer it’s taking advantage of Drake’s feelings.

Drake and Rihanna’s on and off romance lasted for seven years.