US President

US President – the embodiment of a communist icon

British External Affairs Minister Boris Johnson compared the state leader with Romanian former communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu.

The awkward comparison was made during a meeting in the House of Commons.

More than one million Brits signed a petition requiring Theresa May to withdraw Donald Trump’s invite in the UK.

The official invite was made in the name of the Queen by the British Prime Minister, but the people are frustrated by Trump’s anti-immigration policy.

Although he compared Trump with a soviet icon, Boris Johnson believes the visit must occur.

The British official declared the new US President is a ‘friend and a partner’ of Great Britain and he must not be ‘demonized’ for his political views.

According to Johnson, his executive order to ban the access of Muslim in the US doesn’t transform Donald Trump into a ‘bad guy’.

“As far as I know, Nicolae Ceausescu and Robert Magube were also welcomed by Our Majesty.”

“I believe most Chamber members will admit it’s our duty to make the preparations to greet our friend and partner”

“The leader of the oldest and important democracy of our best ally”, told Boris Johnson.

In exchange, the British minister rejected the comparison made by one of the MP’s between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

The chief of the British diplomacy believes Donald Trump is actually harmless and there are no reasons to suspend the official visit hosted and greeted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Nicolae Ceausescu was a communist Romanian politician and the General Secretary of the Communist Party in Romania.

On 25th December, Ceausescu and his wife Elena were executed by a group of Romanian militants.


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