On Saturday, a mosque from Texas caught fire and burnt down. The members of the center were devastated.

Fortunately, people took measures. A GoFundMe page was available and brought the needed money and even more in just a couple of days. They can now rebuild their mosque thanks to the kindness of people.

The fire started in not even 24 hours since president Donald Trump signed the immigration ban.

Now, Jewish want to do something nice for the Muslims from the center that caught fire, and will give them the key of their synagogue.

Robert Loeb is the president of the temple. He declared that in moments like this, they need to be close. They will help them, since they already know some of the members.

The building they have is big enough to welcome both the Jews and the Muslims. The number of Jews is pretty small, while there are more than 100 Muslims. They are happy to share.

A member of the Muslim center said that the Jewish members came and gave him the key. The gesture, obviously, touched him. They will have a place to pray until their mosque is rebuilt.

Until now, they have more than $900,000 for the construction. The members are overjoyed by the gesture and incredibly grateful.

The police are still investigating and hope to find the cause the fire erupted.

This time is already a difficult one for the Muslims, that are deeply affected by the ban issued by the president. The gestures of these people show the “true American spirit.”