Two astronauts, that are twins, were featured in an experiment lead by NASA. For two years, in 2015 and 2016, they were part of it.

One of the brothers was in space, while the other remained on earth. What NASA wanted to see is if any changes occurred in space. The differences in terms of genetic were compared.

They both went through serious tests before one of them went to space.

The first results were recently revealed.

Scott, who has been in space, did experience a change. His telomeres grew larger. The researchers from NASA definitely didn’t expect this.

Although at the beginning the telomeres were larger, as the days on Earth passed, they returned to normal. The scientists still don’t know why.

After he returned home, Scott had some of his abilities slowed down, like accuracy and speed.

Investigation will be ran to establish the reasons they grew so long and then returned to normal.

The DNA of the brothers changed as well. Scott had less groups of methyl added to his DNA.

For many years, NASA and not only are sending people to space. For a long time, there was a need to establish the influence the flight to the space or the time spend there has over the body.

This is important for the future missions, especially the ones that take a long time.

There are huge plans for expeditions in space and knowing in advance such information is beneficial. Mars is a future target, for example.