According to rumors, Apple wants to make its own chips that will be featured in the MacBook.

Bloomberg says that the company wants to have its batteries last longer, especially when the device is left in the sleep mode.

If the rumors are true, then the company will make chips that will feature basic skills, like installing updates, but in the sleep mode.

The current MacBook already performs this task. Apple just wants the battery life to last longer.

The processor and the chip they are working on will be pretty similar. The change won’t be huge, but is something.

The Intel processor will be replaced with an ARM processor, developed only by Apple. The iPhones and iPads already future such processors.

A new MacBook Pro is set to come to the market later this year and the chip can be featured.

The company had received many complaints regarding the battery life, that is really unsatisfying. The usual period of use is about five or six hours. Their latest model of MacBook Pro featured this battery life.

Although the chip will ensure a longer battery life, the benefit can only be applied when the device is in the asleep model. Therefore, only the standby time will be improved.

This will be a step forwards for all their technology and not only for the MacBook. It has been a while since they did any progress in the hardware area.

The company did not reveal anything about the reported chip or about any new upcoming device.