Scientists are amazed of what dogs are capable of. Packed with great receptors, they are able to detect cancer better than any lab tests.

They have many more scent receptors than humans have. They have about 300 million more.

Usually, dogs are used in searching for illegal substances or bombs, but they can do so much more.

They can detect diseases like cancer or diabetes way faster and better. They can be more precise than the tests ran in the laboratories.

But, dogs can’t do this on their own, they need special training that will sharpen their detection and hunting skills.

Claire Guest is an expert in the canine behavior and a scientist. For a long time, she works with dogs for medicine.

She, herself, experienced the greatness. Her pet found she had a lump in her breast. After the dog pointed her attention, she ran some tests and, indeed, found something was wrong. 

She is grateful, because of her dog she managed to get treatment on time.

Guest has a center entitled “Medical Detection Dogs”.

A dog managed to detect several illnesses: prostate cancer, kidney and bladder cancer. She managed to give the right verdict most of the time.

Other studies featured dogs. The European Respiratory Journal featured dogs that were trained by their families. In time, they managed to detect lung cancer.

The abilities dogs have are amazing. Until now, this way of detection hasn’t been accepted as an official method.

The costs implied are also higher. They need to be controlled, their maintenance is pricier.