A girl in Bangladesh could be the first female having the ‘man-tree’ syndrome

A girl only aged 10 years, originally from Bangladesh, could be the first female diagnosed with “man-tree” syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disease.

The lady-tree

The girl began to present the tree symptoms approximately four months ago, when a wart looking like a tree bark appeared on her face.

Initially, her family wasn’t worried, but when the formations began to spread on her body, they became alerted.

Consequently, they reached a doctor in the capital city of Bangladesh.

The doctors that have been studying her case feared that she might be the first female having the tree syndrome.

If the diagnosis proves to be correct, she will become one of the few people in the world with this disease.

This is a rare genetic disorder that is manifested by the appearance of formations on the skin having the aspect of bark, that particularly affects the hands and feet.

The girl’s father hopes that the doctors will be able to successfully eliminate the formations.

‘We are very poor. My daughter lost her mother when she was just six years. I hope the doctors to clear the ‘crust’ off the face of my beautiful daughter’.

The doctors are confident that the girl might have a less serious manifestation of this syndrome and she will quickly recover.

Last year, a man from Bangladesh has been nicknamed the “tree man” because of huge warts that have risen to the ends of his fingers and toes.

The men underwent at least 16 surgeries and doctors had removed five kilograms of the growths that had restrained him from working and keeping his 3-years-old daughter in his arms.