Most French people want Francois Fillon to quit his presidential candidacy

Nearly 70% of the French people want the Republican candidate, Francois Fillon, to withdraw from the presidential elections.

This happened in the context of his scandalous wife and her ‘fictitious job’, according to a poll released on Thursday, quoted by Reuters.

Alain Juppe is considered to be best replacement of Francois Fillon as a candidate of the Republicans’ party in the French presidential elections.

According to the same survey, 29% of the French believe that Republicans would win if Fillon will be a candidate, while 57% believe that the party would win if it was represented by another candidate.

The survey was conducted online from February 1.

Fillon has accused his opponents on Wednesday of fueling the scandal in an attempt to undermine his presidential campaign, given that an older survey showed that he was the favorite candidate to win the elections.

This survey, conducted by the ELAB Institute, showed that the support for Marine Le Pen, president of the far-right National Front, is increasing in popularity. Also, the independent centrist Emmanuel Macronare has the greatest chance to become the president of France, ranking the first in the top.

The popularity of Fillon has declined steadily in the polls, given that the French authorities initiated last week an investigation after the satirical publication, Le Canard Enchainé, revealed that the wife of the former prime minister, Penelope Fillon, was paid half a million euros from public money while she supposedly occupied the function of parliamentary assistant to her husband and his successor.

However, there is no clear and concrete evidence that she indeed fulfilled the attributions required by that specific position.