The Himalayan kingdom is celebrating!

The only son of King Jigme of Bhutan and Queen Jetsun is turning one in three days.

Just like last year, the happy royal couple published a birthday calendar.

Every month of the calendar is represented by an adorable photo with the young prince.

Prince Jigme is the heir of the Himalayan throne

In his most recent picture, the toddler is wearing the Himalayan traditional outfit while playing with a toy car.

“His Majesty Gyalsey is turning one in a few days. February is being celebrated with this adorable photo” represents one of the captions.

We remind you that King Jigme is also celebrating his 37th birthday in a few weeks

King Jigme became a father on 5th February 2016 and the complete name of the royal baby is: Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck.

Last year, in order to mark the welcoming of their first royal child, the residents of Bhutan planted no less than 108.000 trees.

Although the King of Bhutan has the official right to have more wives, he was so charmed by Queen Jetsun that he changed his mind regarding this law.

Despite the fact its one of the poorest countries in the world and a quarter of the 800.000 population survives with less than $1,25 per day, Bhutan is also the state where the progress is based on the people’s happiness.

In the small monarchal republic, the acts of violence, protests, and terrorist attacks lack.

Instead of calculating their PIB, Bhutan is concerned by the safety and the well-being of its population.