The two stars, who are BFFs for a long time, had decided to do something different: start a book club.

On the official page of the Kardashian clan, the news was revealed. The website will now be turned into a platform for the book club.

Kardashian announced the news on social media. “So guys…[email protected] & @JenAtkinHair & I are starting a book club!”, said the 36-year-old.

Excited to see their first book to share? Well, it’s the New York bestseller “Embraced by the light”.

The book tells the story of a 31-year-old woman named Betty J Eadie. She is also the author. She goes through an experience near death.

According to the book cover, the story is interesting and compelling. Eadie’s story teaches us about love and peace. It can offer a life lesson, about how to learn to live it like we are supposed to do.

After Kardashian gave the news, Chrissy also asked people to join them.

Kim also invited officially another BOFF of hers, LaLa. She specified that everyone is invited to their club and encouraged everyone to read the book.

Last week, the celebrity praised the book and the author on social media. The two had a conversation and Kim seemed really excited about it.

The reality TV star revealed that the book and the author’s near to death experience inspired her and thought her to take a different approach on life.

Kardashian is interested in another book of Eadie, named “The Awakening Heart”, maybe it will be the next on the list of the book club.