Leonardo DiCaprio is back as the new

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Sherlock Holmes.

Good news for gangster movies’ fans.

We have discovered what’s the newest project of Leonardo DiCaprio and, yes, the actor will be the main character in a movie about the American legendary mafia groups.

DiCaprio is ready to return in force to the filming plateau after winning the Oscar last year for his role in the movie “The Revenant”.

Leo will be starring in the new movie about the origins of the Mafia in America, an adaptation of the novel bearing the same name, “The Black Hand”, signed by Stephan Talty.

DiCaprio will return to the big screens as Joe Petrosino, a policeman from the Police Department of New York who is on the trail of a ruthless gang of mobsters in the early 90s.

Nicknamed the “Sherlock Holmes of Italy”, Petrosino has arrested and deported dozens of criminals during some dangerous trackings of villains who were kidnapping people for blackmailing from their families.

This operation was called the “Black Hand” and although Petrosino was not the only man who followed the mafia group, he was by far the most famous.

Unfortunately, his dedication to justice eventually brought his death in 1909.

American Academy Award winner for the best leading actor will also be a producer in this future film, along with Paramount Pictures.

However, this is not the only project of the actor. During December last year, DiCaprio confirmed that he’s been working on a new film by Martin Scorsese, “The Devil in the White City”.

It seems that the star has a few aces up his sleeve, even after winning the most important trophy in the world of film.

Last year he released his documentary film “Before the Flood”, for which he traveled the world and spoke with different political and religious leaders, scientists and people affected by the climate change in his bid to draw attention to this concerning issue.