Scientists never cease to surprise us.

So, this time they gathered their forces and created a robotic sleeve that ‘dresses’ your heart so it can help it function better, according to a scientific journal.

Of course, the fact that this is finally happening is not at all surprising.

Doctors already use tools like this one to help their patients suffering from heart problems.

For example, scientists have recently invented a medical device that is able to pump the blood from the heart directly to the organs.

This mechanism, although it’s useful, however, is not the best because it can raise many health risks, such as blood clotting, that can be leading to further complications.

In any case, the robotized sleeve seems a better option that it doesn’t involve inserting wires into the patient.

But, it is simply as a piece of clothing, made of silicone, which surrounds the affected heart and helps it to pump blood so it would function normally.

The good part of this invention is that doctors can monitor the functioning of the device and adjust its rhythm.

The robot is basically a silicone “muscle” that compresses and twists to achieve the mimic of our heartbeats.

The device shows us a new face of robotics.

This time, there’s no need to imagine a mechanized creature with arms and legs, but the soft side of robotics, that shows how science advances so as it’s able to work together with the human body, not to replace parts of it.

For now, the invention that scientists proposed us is tested on animals. But, they soon intend to pass a test, a more advanced one, on people.

And, the best news is that heart robotics will be much cheaper than other existing tools on the market.