Two weeks ago it was announced that scientists and the ones interested in the environment will march over Washington.

Their decision is a decision against Donald Trump and his potential endangering plans for the environment.

An organization announced the march on social media and many were interested.

On January 21, another big march took place and it spread worldwide. The Women’s March over Washington was a huge event, that gathered millions of people.

The science march will take place on the Earth Day, April 22nd. It will be even more meaningful during this day.

The organization has pages on various social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google. Many are interested. Thousands already signed up for it.

The organizers revealed that they want the new administration and president to pay attention to science and support it. They are afraid that they will implement policies that will affect the environment and will make the climate change even worse.

Only a day after Trump took the Oval Office, the official site of the White House had some of its pages gone. The one about the climate change is one of them. It was replaced with one that presents the new take on the environmental issues.

The ones interested in science won’t probably be the only ones that will participate at the rally, but the ones that are against the president too.

Merchandise will be available for sale. People will be able to connect to a platform that will inform them on the exact places where the march will take place. Just like the women march, Washington will not be the only city where people will rally.