First Lady

US First Lady & her transition to the White House

Melania will leave her luxurious Manhattan penthouse to install at the White House.

According to the American press, the First Lady is making the transition in summer and the news was confirmed by Trump’s counselors.

Our First Lady expects Barron to finish his school year to take over her official duties.

She already hired a former member of the Bush administration, Lindsay Reynolds, to coordinate her personal staff.

Melania says ‘it’s an honor to assume her First Lady duties, considering her long history as a presidential representative’.

We are eager to see how the Slovenian beauty will accommodate in Washington

Unfortunately for the First Lady, the White House is decorated way simpler and in a classical style than her current home.

Melania and Donald’s NYC apartment is, literally, covered in gold. The walls, the furniture, and even the small decorative items are screaming ‘opulence’ and ‘luxury’.

The walls, the furniture, and even the small decorative items scream ‘opulence’ and ‘luxury’.

Meanwhile, the White House is refined and neoclassical.

The First Lady already made a significant change in her personal style

Since her husband won the presidential election, Melania opts for low-key and classical outfits, such as long trench coats and pencil dresses.

However, anything she puts on looks great due to her perfectly shaped body.

Her fashion choices will certainly not represent a problem.

However, when it comes to making important decisions and respecting her official duties, these are some aspect we are eager to witness.

We wish her luck and a smooth transition to the White House!