Goodman suffered an amazing transformation

The American actor looks like a totally different person after he lost almost half of his weight.

The other day, John was spotted by the paparazzi out and about in New Orleans and instead of running away from fans he strolled around without being recognized.

The ‘Roseanne’ protagonist grabbed a smoothie after he probably went to the gym.

64-year-old John sported a relaxed look in a pair of shorts, a gray hoodie, and a cap.

A couple of days ago, Goodman attended a social event and everybody was shocked by his healthy appearance.

He was wearing a suit and talked about his role in ‘Patriots Day’.

Last year in November, Goodman’s personal trainer Mackie Shilstone revealed the Golden Globe winner lost more than 100 kilograms.

Apparently, the fact that he quit the alcohol, the cigars helped him a lot

Also, a Mediterranean diet accompanied by intense workouts made wonders.

‘This didn’t happen overnight. It’s a long process and it’s still unfolding’, claims the fitness guru.

Over the years, Goodman’s weight oscillated.

During David Letterman’s show in 2010, the actor confessed he ended weighing a staggering 400 kilograms.

‘I tried to escape from the Roseanne character every single spring. Every spring I shed 60 kilograms’.

Goodman reached the critical weight during the time he won an Emmy.

‘I lost the weight and I gained it back every single year. Now, the change I am going through is on the long term, for the entire life’, adds the actor.