Some close sources from the couple’s entourage are gossiping that Justin might no longer be satisfied with his wife’s breasts.

The singer and actor Justin Timberlake, aged 36 years, is married to actress Jessica Biel, aged 34 years, since 2012.

From the outside, they seem a pretty perfect family, especially after their little boy, Silas Randall, was born. The child will turn 2 years old this April.

Rumor has it that Justin seems unhappy that Jessica’s breasts seem to have shrunk after giving birth to Silas.

An anonymous source declared that Justin would have requested Jessica to put on breast implants, for he no longer likes her that way.

Apparently, he misses the sexy forms Jessica had when he fell in love with her after he ended his relationship with Cameron Diaz in 2007.

So, she’d better listen if she wants to make Justin stay by her side.

But is that really true?

Some months ago, Justin and Jessica attended the Tribeca Film Festival and behaved like they were still on their honeymoon, being very close to each other.

However, during the year that had just passed, rumor had it that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were thinking of getting divorced.

The two have always been discreet about their relationship, but it seems that their four-year marriage might be coming to an end. American Star magazine reports that the two are preparing to battle for a fortune of $ 225 million.

The two seem to have come to quarrel for any reason.

So, Justin, what are you up to?