Prince Harry and his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, were seen holding hands as they walked the streets of London.

For a while, there have been rumors that the two are engaged. Nothing was confirmed until now.

On Wednesday, the two had diner at Soho House.

According to reports, the two are very close and have serious thoughts. The actress spent a lot of time at the Kensington Palace lately.

Sources say she wants to spend as much time with the Prince now as she is set to return to the set of her series in March. She is shooting “Suits” in Canada, her homeland.

Lately, the 35-year-old actress began to be much more private about her life. She also took a break from social media. The last time she posted on Instagram was on December 11.
The two looked cozy as they made their way out of the club. They were both dressed casual, with the prince sporting a beanie and the actress a long, black coat.

An insider says that Markle plans on moving permanently to the United Kingdom. This could happen at the end of the year. She wants to finish shooting the series.

The insider adds that the prince is very fond of her and really tries to make things work. She might be the one.

They both want to have a family. The 32-year-old prince wanted to have a family of his own, children for a while. Markle shares the same thoughts.

Until now, according to rumors, they enjoyed living together.

Harry admires everything about his girlfriend, she is both smart and beautiful. She is, as well, involved in humanitarian acts.

Sources also add that he plans on presenting his girlfriend to his grandmother really soon.

The two met last July and became close really fast. Everyone wants to see Harry settle down, especially his grandma’, who cares for him deeply.