In the light of everything that happens right now, Donald Trump did not look too happy at last night’s ball in Florida.

Trump and his First Lady met again after two weeks to attend a Red Cross Ball.

His face was pretty harsh, even angry. The reason why is the battle caused between him and the judge that temporarily blocked the immigration ban.

During the gala, the president revealed that he will fight “for the safety of the country” and he will win by doing so.

Since the judge from Seattle halted the ban, both the White House and Trump responded.

The press secretary called it outrageous, while Trump called it ridiculous.

People protested near where the gala was held. More than 3,000 joined.

The gala he and his wife attended featured a fundraiser to collect money for the ones affected by his ban.

Right now, the White House struggles to get approval for the ban and block the temporarily decision taken by the judge. Trump reassured that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will approve it.

As the protesters approached, he seemed furious.

On the other hand, Melania tried to be as calm as possible and shared a smile for the camera. She stood by her husband’s side.

During the event, a spokesperson said that they will not support the president’s decision, although he was there and the club is owned by him.

The event was very lavish, with a “Vienna to Versailles” theme.

Trump will spend the whole weekend in Floria, where, according to his team, he will prepare for another full week.