Ariana Grande is pregnant Who popped the news?

The fans of the singer aged 23 years were downright shocked to find out that their favorite star is pregnant.

The funny thing is, though, that Ariana was not the one who spread the news, but a foreign publication.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are engaged in a happy relationship for several months, but we never expected the two to go down to the next level so quickly.

However, when the publication APEntertainment announced the news in a message posted on Twitter, the artist aged 23 is pregnant, we began to start asking ourselves some questions. The fans bombed the artist social media pages with all sorts of congratulations messages.

Fortunately, all this scandal was cleared up prior to spreading even more, as the news agency of those who delightedly popped the rumor apologized for it. Also, they added that the Tweet regarding Ariana Grande was deleted simply because it was not true.

Allegedly, the joke would have been posted by an employee who got bored and was in the mood to make fun of people. The press agency added that he was obviously sanctioned.

‘@APEntertainment deleted the information about Ariana Grande off the account. The message was not authorized. We are currently investigating what happened’, said a representative of the publication.

Meanwhile, Ariana has not made any public comment. She has been quite busy promoting her European tour that will begin on May 8 at Friends Arena in Stockholm.

Mac Miller and Ariana and were first seen together in August 2016 while dining in Encino, California.

Subsequently, the two have appeared officially on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards.