David Beckham is involved in a major scandal

David Beckham, aged 41 years, is the subject of the latest scandal in the football world.

The legend of Manchester United is accused of using UNICEF for personal interests.

Some years ago, Beckham was named Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

According to the Mirror newspaper, to receive this award, the Beckham was supposed to have gained certain honorable achievements.

The former footballer is now accused that, in order to fulfill this purpose, he would have used UNICEF.

This scandal may seriously affect the footballer’s image.

It seems that the international media has received a series of emails between the star and his representative, Simon Oliveira.

The latter would have persuaded the former footballer that in order to increase their chances to the title offered by the Queen, it is necessary to get heavily involved in UNICEF’s work.

However, Beckham considered it beneficial to engage in the debate for Scotland to leave or remain in the United Kingdom. He decided to go for the second solution in his battle of achieving his goal.

Gaining the Queen’s heart

Recently, the superstar’s email was hacked and the hackers have got some incriminating messages.

David Beckham can be accused of using UNICEF to get the prestigious distinction. David Beckham’s spokesman came to the defense of star:

‘David has supported UNICEF and many other charitable organizations over the years, donating many of his salaries received as a player at Paris Saint-Germain.’

He also said that everything they say about Beckham is “based on outdated information taken out of context” and saying that those e-mails were “pirated and counterfeit”.