The late artist’s funeral just keeps to be put on hold.

More than a month passed by since the singer died and his body is still kept for investigation. The exact cause of death still wasn’t established.

Rumors regarding his sudden death circle the internet, but doctors will still run some tests until they give the right verdict.

Many believe the artist died of an overdose. The tests for drugs can take about eight weeks, so it will take some time until they figure if drugs were indeed the cause.

His family hopes the examinations will be done until the end of the month. They want to lay his body to rest soon.

The police think that there is nothing suspicious regarding his death. His partner was also released after it was thought he was involved in the death of the star.

Sources close the 53-year-old declared that he used to be in a much darker place before he passed away. Many think that he returned to drugs after he gave them up a time ago.

Every substance that was in Michael’s body when he died will be seen once the tests will be finished.

His partner is still mourning the artist’s death. Last night he posted a throwback picture of them from a vacation five years ago.

He was the only one that was around Michael when he passed away. He is, also, the one that discovered his body in the morning.

There are also rumors, the artists committed suicide as he was in a darker mood. He also tried to end his life a few times before.