The ideals of beauty have a different meaning for each country

If you thought pageants like Miss Universe or Miss World are setting some beauty standards you are so wrong.

In order to find out what is considered ‘beautiful’ for the cultures of the world, you should start booking some holidays and ask locals.

Another good method to analyze and study this stuff is also a survey posted on the online environment.

The responses to these surveys are extremely complex and also fascinating because in this way we discover how different we really are.

If in China or Japan, extremely light skin is considered beautiful and royal in other countries these features are boring and tasteless.

Beauty is a relative thing and if you are a traveler, you will understand better some strange international beauty rituals.

Although they might seem out of this world, they still exist.

For example, in Japan, crooked teeth are considered sexy. In in the Occident, a white, pearly and 100% symmetrical cogging is everything.

Apparently, crooked teeth represent a ‘symbol of youth’.

Scarves that cover the entire surface of the body

This tradition represents a quality for both women and men in Ethiopia.

These permanent ‘marks’ bring luck and victory and they are colored with a dark pigment in order to look like tattoos.


Medicinal plasters represent a MUST in Iran’s fashion elite. Usually, they are used by women and men who went through a rhinoplasty.

However, they are also worn by average people, who never went through a surgery.

The Japanese Doll look

Some young women in Japan dye their hair and nails in very intense colors. Some of them are also willing to whiten their face and wear a lot of pink.