Last year, a picture of a toddler being given water by a member of a rescuing organization made it to the internet. The Nigerian boy was found wandering on the streets, being incredibly skinny.

His parents left him as they thought he was a “witch”. He was ill and could have died at any moment if somebody didn’t rescue him.

Anja Loven, who works with the organization, took him. She is the one that rescued him.

Immediately after he was taken off the streets, Loven bathed him and offered proper care.

In just a few weeks, he was back to normal, healthy and happy.

Now, a year later, Hope went on his first day to school. His rescuer shared a picture of him dressed up for this big day. He looks much better now.

Loven took to Twitter to share the milestone in his life.

She also shared pictures before of him getting his first haircut or playing with other children. He now gets to have a normal life, like any other kids.

People were touched and congratulated the rescuer for her kind gesture. The transformation Hope went through is significant.

Thanks to the team of rescuers, he has a chance of living.

Now, the little boy lives in an orphanage. He can play with other children of his age. Others went through similar situations, being abandoned by parents.

Things like this occur all the time in this country, but thanks to rescuers like these, some children can get another chance at life.