Good news for those who tend to use obscene words more that is socially accepted. A study managed by the psychologists at Marist College says that swearing and using inappropriate words is actually a sign of intelligence. The research was made with the help of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Though using obscene words might become a bad habit, people tend to use them in a specific context, especially when they want to make a point or for a greater effect on the listeners, or just to offend someone deliberately. Society rules put that kind of language in low educational and intelligence standard, but a new study comes to break that kind of stigmatization.

During the research at the Marist College, the specialists analyzed the participant’s fluency in English and the fluency when they talk dirty with a simple exercise, asking them to say as many words as they know starting with a definite letter in a minute. After that, the volunteers were asked to do the same thing, but this time using obscene words. The study, known as the Controlled Oral Word Association Test, revealed that the participants that had a great score during the swearing exercise had very good result also at the first testing.

The conclusion of the researchers is not what everybody expected, still… The psychologists claim that those who showed a cursing efficiency seemed to make a better connection between neutral words and obscene expressions, showing a global larger vocabulary. That means they are more intelligent and have better communication skills that the ones who don’t swear at all.