Melania Trump

Super Bowl is one of America’s most appreciated and popular sports event

However, netizens from all around the world channelized their attention on another aspect.

We’re not referring to the New England Patriots massive victory or to Lady Gaga’s incredible show.

We are talking about our new First Lady – Melania Trump

Every single time she scores a public appearance at her husband’s arm, Melania looks terrified and uptight.

The 46-years-old look like someone just threatened her and she is scared for her life.

When she is not uptight, Melania has this sad face, like she doesn’t even want to be there.

The same facial expressions were documented by the netizens after her husband’s investiture ceremony.

At the event, the former model looked like a literal ‘hostage’ and the kidnapper was none other than Donald Trump.

The jokes and memes with Melania’s face were accompanied by the ‘#freeMelania’ caption

Several experts in body language analyzed the body language between the two and, according to them, their marriage is a façade.

The struggle is real for Melania. The fact that Donald Trump dictates every single one of her moves is no secret for anyone.

Every single time Melania wants to hold hands or craves for some affection she encounters this cold wall.

Unfortunately for the former model, her husband is not exactly the most romantic human being.

As reported by his former girlfriends, Donald Trump is an aggressive and dominating guy who doesn’t like to receive a ‘no’ as an answer.

After all, Donald’s weakness for beautiful women got Melania and the current President together.