A buddhist monk from Myanmar was caught and held in custody at the border, after the authorities found millions of meth pills hidden in the monastery he was living in.

The monk named Arsara is now under the close supervision of the lawmen, after the officers discovered in his car no less than 400.000 methamphetamine tablets.

He was pulled over by the police while he was driving from the village Shwe Baho to the town of Maungdaw, next to the Bangladesh border.

After they searched the car, the policemen discovered inside the monastery he was living in around 4.2 million of meth pills.

The team of anti-narcotics department is currently detaining Arsara and his pupils.

The department was formed just a couple of days ago, at the beginning of February and it’s supervised directly by the officials in Naypyidaw.

Myanmar is one of the countries with the highest illegal narcotics production rate in the area.

Each year are confiscated enormous amount of methamphetamine, cannabis and opium.

Last year alone, the police seized 98 million narcotic tablets across all Asia, a double amount than in 2015.

The penal charges for drug abuse and traffic raised also by 50% and the police is more and more worried that the drug trade will also suffer an increase.

Asia is the biggest meth consumer in the world, with a great popularity all over the continent.

From party people in the clubs, to rich tourists and workaholics in blue shirts, the Asian people is the ideal user for the narcotic business.