After the hilarious skits from last Saturday, Rosie O’Donnell seems interested in playing Trump’s advisor, Steve Bannon.

In the online space, many thought she would a perfect impersonator of Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The actress didn’t think too much and just went with the idea. But she thought Bannon was a much better idea.

Alec Baldwin is the one that usually portrays Donald Trump. He did so on Saturday. Steve Bannon was also present in the skit, but in the form of the death.

As some of his staff members and him included are being mocked, this would drive him off the edge.

O’Donnell has had several feuds with Trump. The two cannot stand each other. Trump even hates her and never failed to express it.

According to a source, he didn’t like the skit on Saturday. He disliked the fact that Sean Spicer was impersonated by a woman. Mellissa McCarthy gave a hilarious portrayal of the press secretary.

Spicer did respond and called the show mean, especially for the moment with Trump.

Last year, O’Donnell revealed she never was as humiliated as she by Trump. She feels bullied by him. This would definitely be a proper payback.

Some people have a more interesting suggestion than Bannon: she should impersonate Trump once. They were so content with idea, they even started a site to fund her favorite charity if she plays him.

If Saturday Night Live takes it, we can see the actress in this role pretty soon.

Thus Saturday, Baldwin will host the show. Trump must prepare for this.