They have worked a lifetime to gain the wealth they currently possess.

The fortune didn’t come out of nowhere and that’s precisely why they do not plan to enrich their children overnight.

They think that money is gained solely through hard work. And they are damn right!

Look who took out their so-called heirs of the will!

Sting – estimated fortune: £ 180 million

The former leader of the Police band stunned the whole world when he announced publicly that he does not plan to give his children even a cent.

Jackie Chan – estimated fortune: $ 140 million

The actor starring in action movies said that he wants to donate his entire fortune to nonprofit organizations handling charity projects.

Also, he added that his son can make his own fortune, he doesn’t have to inherit huge amounts of money to lead a decent life.

Simon Cowell – estimated fortune: $ 500 million

The famous producer and juror from X Factor UK claims that he thinks it’s not a good idea to let his son inherit all of his fortunes.

So, he says he would rather donate his millions of dollars to associations that are taking care of children and animals, rather than give the money to his child.

George Lucas – estimated fortune: $ 4.9 billion

Father of four children, Lucas is planning to sponsor several educational projects, not to enrich his offspring.

Bill Gates – estimated fortune: $ 78.6 billion

Microsoft founder has become, in recent years, a philanthropist. He is constantly making donations as a form of gratitude for his success and well-being.

Therefore, it considers that the most impressive share of his estate should be donated and not divided between his children.