Although he is the oldest president who was sworn at the White House, Donald Trump does not pay attention to his diet.

Apparently, he remained with the bad eating habits he had learned during his presidential campaign, writes the Independent.

Specifically, the President of the US, Donald Trump, lives by feeding with chocolate, snacks, steaks and juices.

Also, his beauty sleep is composed of only a few hours of rest per night. As a testimony in this regard stand his late night posts on social media, especially Twitter.

He rarely consumes fruits or nuts, even though he sometimes enjoys eating a salad next to his steak.

The only positive thing in Trump’s diet is that he doesn’t smoke nor drink alcohol too often.

He prefers to consume a non-alcoholic Bloody Mary instead of a regular cocktail.

The only concession he would have done when he reached the White House was reducing the junk food he used to eat.

And, he started consuming hamburgers served on silver plates.

Apparently, Trump’s relaxation on this subject comes from his belief that he has a ‘special’ DNA.

Eating healthy is the key point in living a longer and happier life.

Someone should warn Trump about it before it’s too late. Or … should we wait?

A healthy nutrition process occurs when you start eating more fruits and veggies, combined with all the groups of foods, paying attention to the quantity, avoiding highly processed foods, drinking water and tea instead of juices.

Last but not least, a healthy diet is necessary for the prevention of some terrible illnesses that could affect us if we are not paying attention to our bodies’ needs.