For a 73 years-old American woman, her husband intention to vote for Donald Trump was enough to determine her to break up with him. Gayle McCormick always told about herself she is democrat with socialist tendencies, so obvious she was stunned when her husband said he is planning to vote for Trump at the elections in November 2016.

Though they were married for 22 years, Gayle stated that she is very disappointed in her husband’s decision and she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life arguing all day about politics, staying next to someone with such different views and realized she has been accepting too many things for years and Trump subject just undid that.

In the end, her husband reconsidered the vote for Trump for the sake of their marriage, but the damage was already done. The McCormicks won’t get an official divorce, as they are “too old for that”, as Gayle declared, but they separated and no longer living together.

The story about the McCormicks came after Reuters made a poll regarding the couples and the families arguing about politics in the last few months. There is a raise of 6 percent from October (33 to 39%) and a huge 16% that say they stopped talking to their loved ones after the election and the number is bigger between those who voted for Hilary.  There is also a raise in the last few months from 12% to 13% among those who ended a relationship in connection with the presidential elections in 2016.