Jennifer & Drake’s shocking fling

The love story of the two artists and the age gap seem like two major obstacles for them to have a long-term and stable relationship.

Jennifer is no stranger when it comes to boy-toys.

After she broke up with husband Marc Anthony, the beautiful Latina hooked up with one of her backup dancers Casper Smart.

Despite the fact no one gave them a chance, the former pair spent several years together and Casper was also very close to Jennifer’s kids.

Now, the singer is romantically linked to Drake and they even spent the New Year’s Eve together, dancing and canoodling.

To document the evolution of their romance, they even posted the steamiest shot on Instagram.

Shortly after Jennifer posted the shot on social media, Drake’s ex Rihanna unfollowed the new love birds from her official Instagram account.

And, also Rihanna was the one who claims that J.Lo and Drake’s relationship is actually a ‘masquerade’.

After they confused everybody with these nasty embroilments, the singers decided to announce their break-up also on Instagram.

“Timing is everything. If something is meant to be, it will be and for the right reasons”- is the encrypted message posted by the 47-year-old.

She also published this video footage, in which she is playing Nat King Cole’s ‘Smile’ at the piano.

The message is pretty clear and the fans got the idea immediately.

They also expressed their true opinion in the comments section and let me tell you, not all of them were nice.