Kim Kardashian & her harmonious collaboration with Dr. Ourian

Although she strongly denies that she had something done to her body & body, Kim’s Twitter page hints the exact opposite thing.

‘Late night Dr. Ourian sessions are always the best!’, was the last message posted by Kim on her Instagram page.

Kim Kardashian claims she never had anything done, except taking care of her flawless skin and taking her treatment for psoriasis.

Also, a few months after she had Saint, the reality TV queen finally admitted her abdominal lift at Dr. Ourian.

Cosmetic dermatologist Simon Ourian is the Kardashian clan’s favorite and he also helped Khloe with her skin problems.

Kim is one of his most faithful patients and she constantly promotes his exclusive clinic on social media.

Kim’s face changed over the years: her lips became fuller, her figure slimmer and her nose thicker.

Her changed features were documented by fans on the online environment and they are quite obvious.

Kanye West’s wife swears her massive weight loss is the main cause and she never had plastic surgery because she doesn’t need it.

Kim Kardashian is stunning and she will certainly age in the most graceful way.

However, she never said ‘NO’ to plastic surgery. Moreover, during an older ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ episode, the beautiful brunette tried Botox.

In that same day, she also discovered she is allergic to the substance.

According to Kim, her good friend Dr. Ourian helped her to get rid of those nasty stretch marks and several laser hair removal sessions.