Queen Elizabeth II follows the trends

We can call her a lot of names but we would never assume that she is not stylish

All of her public appearances are flawless and also approved by Angela Kelly – her dear friend, stylist and personal assistant for more than 15 years.

For her last public appearance, Her Majesty chose the most vibrant color – greenery.

Besides the fact it’s the color of the years, this shade is also vibrant and suits her very well.

According to the British royal tradition, the Queen’s outfit must be spotted from a distance, especially when we are talking about massive crowds or a sports event organized hosted by a stadium.

This is an important aspect of Her Majesty’s dress code and she respects it every single time.

For her signature Norfolk trip, after the holiday season comes to an end, the Queen opted for a greenery trench coat, a suit, and the fanciest hat.

Unfortunately, she was not joined by the Duke of Edinburgh, who was busy with other royal duties.

Besides the fact she is one of the most influential and powerful women on earth, she is also very concerned about her look.

The Queen’s appearances are always spotless and she enjoyed fashion since youth.

Although she is 90, Queen Elizabeth II has the most impressive dressing room in the world.

Almost 80 garments and 62 of her signature hats can be admired in a special exhibition at the Buckingham Palace.

The outfits in which she made history are all ‘resting’ in the legendary palace.