The press stated that Scarlett and Romain broke up, but, surprisingly, they can still be seen together.

Scarlett Johansson and her husband, Frenchman Romain Dauriac, seem to want to contradict the recent rumors according to which the divorce between them is imminent.

Yesterday, the couple could be seen together with their daughter at a New York airport.

It seems that the two are still on good terms, despite the rumors that say they would have separated last summer.

Scarlett and Romain landed at the airport on Tuesday. Paparazzi took a few shots of them along with their daughter, Rose, before they lost sight of the family in the crowd.

Scarlett, aged 32 years, wore a pair of high-waisted jeans, white sneakers and a sports shirt and covered her face with a hat, scarf and aviator sunglasses.

Probably, the actress wanted to go unnoticed, choosing to walk in front of her husband who was holding their two years daughter in his arms.

Journalists said that the couple would have separated this autumn, but they are good friends, support each other and spend time with their kid.

We note that Scarlett was photographed without wearing her wedding ring last month.

Apparently, Scarlett was the one who had initiated the procedures for separating. She was the one who took this decision.

The news was really a surprise to anyone who knew the two, for Scarlett and Romain never displayed any clues of not getting along with each other.

Well, here it happens, Scarlett and Romain supposedly separated in the summer of 2016, but have just officially announced that their relationship came to an end.