North West went on a little trouble on Tuesday. The 3-year-old wrecked her mother’s room with nail polish.

Kim Kardashian posted the incident on social media. She went downstairs for a moment and, when she came back, her little girl was playing with nails polish. She managed to get it all over the place.

The reality star documented it on Snapchat.

North realizes she made a mistake and in the most adorable way, attempts to help her mommy clean up the mess.

What she did was bring two giant pieces of paper towel. That did not help her mother too much, though, but it was incredibly sweet.

She also tells her mother to be careful not to step on it.

The mother-daughter duo had a busy morning yesterday. Little Northie helped her mother get her hair done. They both sported tiaras and had fun with the filters on Snapchat.

The 3-year-old used to be scared of the odd filters and refused to take pictures, now, she seems to be more used to them.

This isn’t the first time North goes into trouble. As every girl her age, she likes to play with makeup. Kim found her little girl playing her make up many items. She once found her with lipstick all over her face or even with makeup items on the carpet.

The star is easy on her daughter, as she loves her very much. North will probably follow her mother’s steps and will be into makeup. She is already inclined to it.